Statistical Report on Designers who Download CAD Models of ELECTRONIC Components

The Design Activity Reports provide a statistical analysis of design engineering professionals who download electronic components and include them in their designs, which result in the sale of these products.



Last year, 361,557 CAD models of electronic components were downloaded from and its network of partner websites.

If you would like to know who is downloading product information for the type of component you sell (in other words which electronic components are the most in demand and by whom) then I have exactly what you need.

In the statistical report you will find detailed information about the profile of design engineers who downloaded CAD models per product family, country, type of industry, job title, department and size of their company. 

They are proud to present their electronic components on the TraceParts platform

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Are you a manufacturer or a distributor of electronic components?

So you must be aware of the fact that digitalization is in full swing in the manufacturing sector. And digitalization also affects manufacturing components. Millions of engineers and designers scour the web looking for CAD models of manufacturing components to download, to avoid having to re-design standard commercial parts. Downloading manufacturer-certified CAD models enables engineers and designers to save a considerable amount of time and reduces the risk of error for them, whose design projects are numerous and varied.


Why should you publish CAD models of your company’s products? 

When your catalog of products in 3D is available on the TraceParts platform and when one of your CAD models is downloaded, you receive key information on the contact who used your components, notably his or her email address, company, industry type etc.

Whether they be discrete passive and active components (capacitors, coders, filters, inductances, resistors, relays, diodes, transistors etc.) and connecting devices (connectors, cables and wires) or other electronic components, find out who is downloading what, by product range, country, industry, job title, etc.