How can you adapt your digital strategy to your customers’ purchasing process?

Your marketing strategy needs to correlate closely with the various stages that your potential customers go through in their purchasing process. It is crucial for you to have a good understanding of this process before implementing your digital marketing strategy.

Before they become customers, prospects go through different stages in the purchasing process: from the initial recognition of their needs to the final purchasing decision.

The marketing actions you decide to put in place, and their success, depend on how well you understand your potential customers’ behaviour at each stage of the process.

The 3 main stages of the purchasing process are:Bildschirmfoto-2019-01-21-um-16.31.05

  • Discovery stage : the potential customer becomes aware of a certain need or problem
  • Consideration stage : the potential customers looks for information or solutions
  • Decision stage : the potential customers compares solutions and chooses a supplier




Download the information sheet: How to use digital marketing tools effectively throughout the customer purchasing process.